Koh Kradan. Living in a cookie jar.

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Trang is one of the most beautiful provinces of this country. Koh Kradan is always mentioned by Thai people as the most beautiful island in Trang. I checked it myself, and I think they are right. 

The feeling you get when you first set foot on Koh Kradan is that of entering a cookie jar. You feel like running back and forth, wishing you could taste everything: the sugary white sand, the caramel rocks, the green glazed jungle or the colorful fish-shaped candies. The more you eat the more you want; there’s no way you can put a stop to this. You get to a point where you crush under a coconut tree with a rounded belly and a stupid smile, just like Jerry gets after eating a whole wheel of cheese (while Tom is out in the city somewhere). 
You can easily explore Kradan on foot, as it covers only 4 square kilometers. The time you usually have between breakfast and lunch would be enough. After lunch, you can go around it, this time by kayak (ask Paradise Beach for rentals). Of course, if you are confident enough in your arms, you can surround it by swimming. Be aware of the currents, they can be quite strong sometimes. 

What to do on Koh Kradan?

The best answer to this question is nothing as I truly believe this is the best activity one can engage into. The young and the restless will most probably leave the island in a few hours. The wise and easy-going will take a few days to enjoy the peace and quiet, watching the sea, reading a book.
The underwater weddings have become a tradition in Trang and Koh Kradan holds the Guinness Book of Records for the biggest wedding organized below the water surface. Not much difference from a normal wedding, I guess, except you have to remember to take off the snorkel to kiss your beloved half. 


How to get to Koh Kradan?

You can embark one of the over-populated small ships leaving Pakmeng and taking a one-day tour of the islands (Koh Ngai, Koh Muk and Koh Kradan). Otherwise hire a long tail boat. I recommend Chai, a boatman, tourist guide and policeman at the same time. He speaks English. Give him a call when you get to Pakmeng: 081 747 28 15.

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