Surat Thani: theater, dance and good people

When King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) decided to baptize Surat Thani as the city “City of Good People”, back in 1915, he must have known Thepsin Pongkaew’s ancestors.

Thepsin works for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and also helps the local radio and television stations, plus he manages a school where 40 young people learn about the traditional arts of Nang Yai (shadow theater) and Manora dance. Of the 40 students, 10 are either orphans or come from broken families. Thepsin is their mother and father.

Surat Thani

As if all that were not enough Thepsin has been blessed with the responsibility of the crazy Romanian journalist wandering around Thailand on a. He booked my accommodation, took care of the motorbike papers and showed me to the hotel. He also arranged a nice program for the evening.

– There is a theatrical and dance show. My kids are performing. Would you like to join us? It takes place in the small park by the river bank.

Thepsin’s children sang and danced until late, to the delight of bystanders who, on the way home, stopped to remember who they are and where they come from. A show, a city, an evening that say about Thailand more than I could tell you.

Surat Thani 3

Shadow theater Surat Thani

Shadow theater Surat Thani

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