Phrao. An island in the Sea of Silence.

About Phrao

Settled amidst the Sea of Silence, Phrao offers its visitors the chance to visit numerous tourist attractions such as: attraction to green, attraction to serenity and gravitational attraction which keeps the Earth close to itself.

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Short history

During the Vietnam War, several pilots reported seeing a flying monk at an altitude of about 2-3000m above the city. The story has it that the flying monk was the highly beloved Luang Phu Wen Suchindo for whose memory Wat Doi Mae Pang (The Temple of the Flying Monk) was built.

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Local culture

Rice, pineapple and papaya.

See and do

The most notable activities worth trying in Phrao are: listening to the rice as it grows, smiling, being silent and last but not least meditating to the meaninglessness of the everyday life.

The adventures seekers can easily satisfy their adrenaline rush anywhere else in Thailand.

Those willing to spend a night in town are welcome to do so as long as they keep calm and quiet.

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When to visit

Best times to visit Phrao are the sunset and sunrise hours. There might be too much Sun or too much Moon during the rest of the time.

How to get there

By the “no expectations” bus. Running a few times per day from Chiang Mai.

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How much does it cost

One day of your life.

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