Koh Hingham. Of Curse!

Koh Hingham is a tiny unsettled island next door to Koh Lipe. None would have ever troubled to visit it unless Mother Nature had not adorned it with precious stones. Precious, indeed, since Gods – precisely the God of Tarutao – put a spell on any guest who would have attempted to take even the smallest pebble off the island. Who has the nerves to mess with the Asian deities?
Thailand Pictures_Koh Hingham
Even though thou shalt not take the rocks home, you can play with them within the boundaries of the island for as long as your inner child wishes to do so. Or make some merit. Thai people, for instance, use them to build miniature chedis in front of which they lay their most ardent wishes and prayers. Less mystical white people write short messages in black and white.
Thailand Pictures_Koh Hingham 1

How to get there: find an old man on Koh Lipe and bargain as skillfully as possible for a long-tail boat round trip. The average price is around 800-1000 thb for a 10 pax boat. The journey to Hingham island takes about 20 minutes.

Thailand Pictures_Koh Hingham 3
Thailand Pictures_Koh Hingham 2
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