Talumphuk Cape. Far beyond the map.

While visiting Pak Phanang I met Sean, a 34 years old Scot. He was riding his bicycle, and I thought “gee, another one just as crazy as myself”. I stopped and asked if he would care for some water.

Sean teaches English at Pak Phanang school, and he is the only farang in the city. Benefiting of the fact that finally I could communicate with a local resident, I asked him about Talumphuk Cape located in the northernmost point of the peninsula.

Photos Thailand_Thalumphuk Cape Nakhon si Thammarat 5

– How is the place? Is it nice? Is it worth visiting?

– You will not believe me when I tell you I have been living here for a year now and never went to see the cape. I just did not want to go alone and never found anyone to go with.

The following day we left together for Talumphuk Cape. Mangrove forests spread on the left-hand side of the road, shrimp farms and a foaming sea on the right. A strong wind had been blowing during the last days. The road was completely deserted, except for the snakes crossing it every other kilometer, colorfully waving like an optical illusion.

We drove for 25 kilometers and then arrived at the village where curious faces welcomed us. We heard a loud “Hello, mister” shouted from every garden. We took the sandy road which passed through an exceptional Lord of the Rings kind of forest, and we drove for 5 more kilometers. Unirea ran smoothly.

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In order to reach the beach, we had to cross by foot the two channels linking the sea to the mangrove forest. I imagined the primordial soup must have felt just like this salty, warm water. The sea was only one meter deep here as the flux had just begun. We needed to move quickly; otherwise we would have become prisoners on the muddy sands for the next 12 hours. Mosquitoes could not care less about the wind, they were pinching every part of our bodies, especially Sean’s.

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I could try to describe Talumphuk Cape. I could tell you about the wild silence. Or the mad waves which broke onto the shore and instantly calmed down, sucked into the silky sand. The white birds were drawing playgrounds on the sky. The old fishing nets brought towards the shore from who knows how distant and deep waters. I could, maybe, find a way to make you imagine the clouds, the sun and this beautiful sunset which resembled an angel’s painting.

There is, though, no point in trying as I took all these photos. Take a look. No envy or sorrow, Talumphuk Cape will be as beautiful when you go see it.

Photos Thailand_Thalumphuk Cape Nakhon si Thammarat 2

Photos Thailand_Thalumphuk Cape Nakhon si Thammarat 6_small

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