Than Yong Po Cape. Thundering silence.

Considering the largely accepted definition of a touristic destination, this one does not fit in at all. There is no good accommodation, seafood or water sports in Than Yong Po. You can instead admire the extremely beautiful sunsets over the Tarutao National Park, plus millions of rocks encrusted with precious shells. A magical silence reigns this place. Old trees, birds of all sorts and fish with legs accompany it at every step.

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How to get to Than Yong Po: drive North from Satun and turn left 10 kilometers before Chebilang. Watch out as you might miss the small sign behind the tree. Go ahead for 5 or 6 kilometers, turn right at the end of the road and start walking on the coast. Beware as too much beauty intake might become addictive. Fill up the tank in Satun as there is no other petrol station on the way.

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