Beautiful beaches in Thailand: Khao Plai Dam

Khao Plai Dam is almost unknown to farang people. Residents of Sao Pao and Sichon love this place and come here in the afternoon to swim or simply to enjoy the quiet nature and beautiful landscape. I got there at rush hour. 300-400 people have been scattered along the 2 miles beach.

Thailand Beaches Khao Plai Dam


Nakhon Si Khao Plai Dam beach 1

Thailand Beaches Khao Plai Dam-2


Technically, Khao Plai Dam is a raging mountain pouring down into the Gulf of Thailand, pointing spectacular cliffs and lush vegetation towards the beach. The forest is full of deer and birds.

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The beach itself is wonderful with a beautiful mixture of yellow, gray and black sand. The water is deep enough for those keen on swimming. A few fishermen families live at the Southern end of the beach. Take some minutes to watch them returning home at sunset, driving in full speed, perpendicular to the shore and boats climb on the sand as far as the home door. Something like this:

Thailand Beaches Khao Plai Dam-9

How to get there: from Sichon, take the road to Sai Tambon Thung. Distance: 12 km.

Thailand Beaches Khao Plai Dam-4

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