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Baan Kiri Wong. True colors.

Unirea got stuck for the first time on Khao Luang. The mountain roads were so steep and narrow that we stopped on a slope; could not climb, nor descent it. Luckily two villagers were passing by on enduro motorcycles, and they helped us move forward. What can I say, life is challenging. Difficult and beautiful. Beautiful […]

Khao Luang National Park

Dear kids, welcome to the Khao Luang National Amusement Park. Would you, please, put on your trekking shoes, spray some mosquito repellent on your ankles and wrists and grab your cameras. I will be your guide for the day. Here is the ground floor, where lays the Kiri Wong village. It is a famous throughout […]

Suchat Sapsin, the man who brings the shadows into the light

The Prince and his two friends – Yordtong and Seegeaw – go to a monk’s school. In less than a week, they decide they have learned enough, and they would like to leave. The monk would not allow such a thing. The Prince pulls out a gun, threatens the old man and so they get […]