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Beautiful Beaches in Thailand: Khanom Beach

Khanom may be considered one of the most beautiful places in Asia where one can escape to nature, peace and beauty. Let me explain why. The beach. The village itself spreads along a 9 km white beach. The fine sand starts right underneath the coconut trees and continues for 20-30 meters to the clear green water. […]

Yong Star Cape. The cheerful solitude.

Driving my motorbike the other day, I become aware of a 100% environmentally friendly manner for freezing in Thailand while everything else around is melting. It does not use Freon, liquid nitrogen or any high technology. Let me explain. First, you put on some very thin clothes and then you get on your saleng. If you […]

An introductory lesson to the Thai language

As it’s wearily to keep mentioning every time “Haad Rin Beach” or “Ban Kiri Wong village”, I will make a few notes for a better understanding of this blog and of Thailand itself. Haad (or Had) means beach Ban means village or house A few more: Ko (or Koh) means island, so “Ko Kradan island” […]

Cities in Thailand: a brief note on Hat Yai

Nobody comes to Hat Yai voluntarily. The farangs transit it during the visa run trips they do to the Malaysian border, 100 km South of the town. The Malaysians, in turn, come here for an Allah-free break with drinks and women. Hat Yai is known as the Thailand’s Southern capital of pleasures. As per me, […]

Cities in Thailand: Songkhla

Iam not too crazy about cities, but here I would gladly return anytime. Songkhla is a mystery which I find difficult to understand and explain. This mystery comes from the name of the town. Some sources say Songkhla derives from the two islands neighboring the port — years ago while coming from the South, a […]