Yong Star Cape. The cheerful solitude.

Driving my motorbike the other day, I become aware of a 100% environmentally friendly manner for freezing in Thailand while everything else around is melting. It does not use Freon, liquid nitrogen or any high technology. Let me explain.

Photos Thailand Yong Star Cape 1
First, you put on some very thin clothes and then you get on your saleng. If you don’t have a saleng, you can just use your motorbike. Then you head for Yong Star Cape, some 70 kilometers away from your point of departure. If you are lucky enough, right when you cross the mountains, God helps you and the rain starts. You are soaking wet in no more than three minutes. The temperature is adjustable via the throttle level. Faster equals cooler. Once you reached 60km/h reminiscences of the day you were born begin to march in front of your eyes – it is as cold and you feel just as naked.

There you have it, that’s the method. Too bad I missed the Prentice Hall in Geneva.

Photos Thailand Yong Star Cape 2
Rain in Thailand looks like one of God’s treats. He doesn’t care about it he just shares it from the bottom of his almighty heart with all of his children. The children, in return, receive it from the bottom of their humble hearts. Whenever rain pours down on them, they start laughing and go riding their motorbikes, water running all over their bodies. Similar to the Songkran except us down here cannot return the favour by humbly splashing a bucket of water back at Him.
The Yong Star Cape is sweet as candy; nothing to do with the sumptuous and solitary desolation at Than Yong Po or Thalumpuk. Yong Star is small and cheerful, dressed up with odd rocks, colorful flowers and hot Tom Yam Kung aroma. Its mere appearance made me immediately warm.
Photos Thailand Yong Star Cape 3
How to get there: driving on Satun-Trang highway turn left towards Palian and follow the sign for Yong Star cape.
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