The Pink Dolphins of Khanom

When someone tells you he saw pink dolphins swimming close to the beach you have two choices: either you slap him for pulling your leg or you kindly advise him to talk to a therapist. Only a joker or a mad man can argue in favour of such possibility. I visited Khanom five times during the last three years, and I never saw pink dolphins. Either I was just missing them, or they came out to play the second I was leaving. I draw the conclusion that the locals talking about the pink dolphins were all in a big conspiracy whose only purpose was to make a fool out of me.

Pink Dolphins_Khanom Thailand

Pink Dolphins_Khanom Thailand-8

One morning I decided to personally check if the pink dolphins are real or not. Just to end the story once and for all. I hired Mr. Boy and his long-tail boat and at 8 am we headed North towards the place where they say the dolphins like to hang around.

Three hours later, while enjoying a full plate of tempura shrimps I concluded:

  • the pink dolphins are real. It is actually a sub-species of the White Chinese Dolphin (Sousa Sousa chinensis chinensis). They are pink due to the many capillaries under the skin which helps them regulate their body temperature.

Pink Dolphins_Khanom Thailand-4

  • there are only 2,000 pink dolphins in the world, living in between the Southern China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. The numbers decrease dramatically due to pollution, illegal fishing and other dangerously stupid human activity.
  • the locals in Khanom are not crazy, neither jokers – at least not when it comes to this matter. I own each one of them a beer.

Pink Dolphins_Khanom Thailand-6

  • if the pink dolphins are real, then chances for unicorns increase dramatically.

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