Cities in Thailand: Pak Phanang.

I was instantly drawn to it when I noticed it on the map. A city which is neither small nor big, split in two by a river flowing into the ocean. I went to check if the geographical data is enough to make Pak Phanang worthy of paying a visit.

Thailand Photos Pak Phanagan fish market

It was like the city was trying to make up for my efforts and it revealed its first beauty right at the entrance. I had stopped to quench my thirst with some cold water near the “Pak Phanang” sign. As I raised my eyes, I saw this beautiful temple quietly resting near the creek. If I had followed the highway, I would have missed it for sure. I reached closer to take some photos. A few dogs appeared out of nowhere, growling at me. They were obviously trying to tell me I to move on. Which was exactly what I did.

Thailand Photos Pak Phanagan 1

Pak Phanang is a place where I would stay forever. The sunset painted the river and the white houses on its shores in golden honey-like shadows. Everywhere I looked I saw colorful dressed people, colorful shops, colorful motorbikes, lights and smells. The town was welcoming me with surprised smiles. The farangs almost never come to visit. I met one who was living in the city, working as a teacher. He is the only white person in Pak Phanang.

I returned to Nakhon si Thammarat, I checked-out and I moved to the golden town for the night. I was also curious to see the colors at sunrise. The place I slept in is called Ban Chai Klong, and I can say two things about it: it has the most beautiful terrace, one meter away from the river and it is the cleanest hotel in which I ever stayed.

Thailand Photos Pak Phanagan 4

Thailand Photos Pak Phanagan

How to get to Pak Phanang

From Nakhon Si Thammarat follow the sign to Pak Phanang, go about 30 kilometers and cross the bridge to Pak Phanang East. Turn left, then right and enter the town. Both sides are beautiful, but I would say the Eastern one has more charm.

Must see

30 km from Pak Phanang you will find the sensational Talumphuk Cape.

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