Cities in Thailand: a brief note on Hat Yai

Nobody comes to Hat Yai voluntarily. The farangs transit it during the visa run trips they do to the Malaysian border, 100 km South of the town. The Malaysians, in turn, come here for an Allah-free break with drinks and women. Hat Yai is known as the Thailand’s Southern capital of pleasures.

Thailand Pictures_Hat Yai

As per me, I came to Hat Yai not because I was dying to see it, but the attempted itinerary I drew for this trip happened to include it. Everything I had previously read about Hat Yai was confirmed during my short stay in the city. To be honest, after many austere days on the road, I kind of enjoyed the 20 hours in the city during which: lots of people spoke fair English, I treated myself with two T-shirts and some medium-spiced chicken drums, had complimentary wi-fi in the hotel room and met a few dizzy white men to whom I could talk to.

The hotel – courtesy of Thailand Authority of Tourism – is separated into two buildings, placed on both sides of a road. On the right is the endless floors building with friendly and educated receptionists, clean rooms and helpful maids. On the left-hand side lays the uglier sister sharing the building with an ancient massage shop. Beware that ancient massage is a close relative of the most ancient profession in the world. Or, if you prefer, welcome guys! Just don’t carry too much money during your visit as the oil massage can turn out to bee damn expensive.

Otherwise, there is accommodation, food and shopping for all kinds of budgets and tastes. The town is located between some deforested hills, and there is not much to see around. The Gulf of Thailand is 30 kilometers away, the Andaman Sea 80. Keep going!

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