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Surat Thani: theater, dance and good people

When King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) decided to baptize Surat Thani as the city “City of Good People”, back in 1915, he must have known Thepsin Pongkaew’s ancestors. Thepsin works for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and also helps the local radio and television stations, plus he manages a school where 40 young people learn about […]

Surat Thani. The city hidden from the blind men’s eyes.

If I were to write a list of the most unjustly judged destinations, Surat Thani would make it to top ten. Lonely Planet considers the city solely as a transit point for the better promoted Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. In other words, a large bus station. Nothing to see. Wikipedia, in turn, reports it is “a town […]

Cities in Thailand: Satun

Open your mouth as you would say “A” and pronounce an “U” instead. Sătooon. This is the name of the strangest little Thai city I ever visited. I am tempted to call it “mysterious”, but I will not let my ignorance label it. The first odd thing about Satun is the definition the locals give […]

Cities in Thailand: a brief note on Hat Yai

Nobody comes to Hat Yai voluntarily. The farangs transit it during the visa run trips they do to the Malaysian border, 100 km South of the town. The Malaysians, in turn, come here for an Allah-free break with drinks and women. Hat Yai is known as the Thailand’s Southern capital of pleasures. As per me, […]

Cities in Thailand: Songkhla

Iam not too crazy about cities, but here I would gladly return anytime. Songkhla is a mystery which I find difficult to understand and explain. This mystery comes from the name of the town. Some sources say Songkhla derives from the two islands neighboring the port — years ago while coming from the South, a […]