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Koh Kradan. Living in a cookie jar.

Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Trang is one of the most beautiful provinces of this country. Koh Kradan is always mentioned by Thai people as the most beautiful island in Trang. I checked it myself, and I think they are right.  The feeling you get when you first set […]

Than Yong Po Cape. Thundering silence.

Considering the largely accepted definition of a touristic destination, this one does not fit in at all. There is no good accommodation, seafood or water sports in Than Yong Po. You can instead admire the extremely beautiful sunsets over the Tarutao National Park, plus millions of rocks encrusted with precious shells. A magical silence reigns […]

Talumphuk Cape. Far beyond the map.

While visiting Pak Phanang I met Sean, a 34 years old Scot. He was riding his bicycle, and I thought “gee, another one just as crazy as myself”. I stopped and asked if he would care for some water. Sean teaches English at Pak Phanang school, and he is the only farang in the city. […]

Beautiful Beaches in Thailand: Sao Pao beach.

I met Mr. Long Porn three weeks ago through a mutual friend. Among other subjects, we came to talk about my tour around Thailand. When he heard I would pass Sichon, he told me he lives in the city, and there is no chance I could sleep in a hotel; I would have to be his […]

Beautiful beaches in Thailand: Khao Plai Dam

Khao Plai Dam is almost unknown to farang people. Residents of Sao Pao and Sichon love this place and come here in the afternoon to swim or simply to enjoy the quiet nature and beautiful landscape. I got there at rush hour. 300-400 people have been scattered along the 2 miles beach.     Technically, […]