• This you fellow did not believe I made the whole journey from Chiang Mai to Mae Salong on that thing.
  • Unirea taking a rest in her favourite Thai town (and mine): Lampang.
  • Roaming the Golden Triangle.
  • Me and my beloved Unirea.
  • Cooling down nearby a temple in a cave before the last 40-50 clicks to Mae Hong Son.
  • On the Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son road. 1800 curves to go.
  • An off-road rear tire is all she needed to take me anywhere.
  • 260 kilograms of motorbike, sidecar, luggage, equipment and myself pushed forward by a tiny 125 cc Honda engine.
  • On some highway in Tak, Northern Thailand.
  • Rolling downhill on the Death Highway, between Mae Sot and Umpang.
  • Unirea at the Sukhothai Historical Park

Meet Unirea, the vehicle.

My three wheels motorbike. I bought it in Koh Samui, then took it to the bike shop in Chaloklaam, Koh Phangan, to have the side car attached.