Koh Lipe. Sexy Blue.

Koh Lipe. Sexy Blue.

I was planning to stay for two days on Koh Lipe and I ended up pulling a gigantic effort into finally leaving after four. I have heard of worst cases. Some people arrived for a week and stayed for six months or even six years. This island seems to have a huge magnet buried in […]

Cities in Thailand: Satun

Open your mouth as you would say “A” and pronounce an “U” instead. Sătooon. This is the name of the strangest little Thai city I ever visited. I am tempted to call it “mysterious”, but I will not let my ignorance label it. The first odd thing about Satun is the definition the locals give […]

An introductory lesson to the Thai language

As it’s wearily to keep mentioning every time “Haad Rin Beach” or “Ban Kiri Wong village”, I will make a few notes for a better understanding of this blog and of Thailand itself. Haad (or Had) means beach Ban means village or house A few more: Ko (or Koh) means island, so “Ko Kradan island” […]

Cities in Thailand: a brief note on Hat Yai

Nobody comes to Hat Yai voluntarily. The farangs transit it during the visa run trips they do to the Malaysian border, 100 km South of the town. The Malaysians, in turn, come here for an Allah-free break with drinks and women. Hat Yai is known as the Thailand’s Southern capital of pleasures. As per me, […]

Koh Yo. The place where I discovered I am a successful man.

Despite being trapped inbetween two superlatives, this enchanted island, Koh Yo, manages to mind its own business in the most untroubled manner. The first superlative: Songkhla Lake, the largest natural lake in Thailand, covering an area of 1,000 square kilometers. Technically speaking, the lake is not a lake, but a complex of lagoons where the […]